1. Natasha says

    Master Says: “Oh, Natasha, didn’t I promise you that cumming without permission means one month of heavy non-stop teasing and orgasm denial for every cc of cum?”

  2. Jaek100 says

    Hey, there don’t seem to be any up to date Kamitora forums or anything so I figured I would post this here in the most recent picture. I already sent a message to on imagefap to Kamitora ( but I’m not sure if that’s actually him or not and maybe someone on this site knows of a better way of contacting him. There is an Italian ad for Gioni’s (some condiment company or something) through the ad agency Alch1m1a Advertising that uses Kamitora’s picture FM NO STATIC08V3. The image can be found at

  3. says

    Thanks for the note jaek100.

    Yes, that’s me on Imagefap, but I don’t post there anymore since there’s too many Photoshoppers altering and re-posting my art.

    I also have a Hentai Foundry gallery, but I don’t post there anymore because of paysites stealing my stuff.

    I’ve sent 2 notes to Alch1m1a Advertising telling them to cease using my art, but so far no response.

    I’m still working on a commission and a pic for the 5th year anniversary that I hope to finish and post here soon!


  4. pierre says

    i wish i could cum like that make that much of mess and had dick that big. if i ever find a genie my wish is going to be a dick and cum shout that big :)

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