1. CrayZD says

    Well, I love the crying in Kami Tora’s drawings. The thought of having to cry because it hurts so much while 4 girls are really having fun with me… this is really HOT! That’s femdom as I like it.

  2. tony cobretti says

    hey great job but when will we see more and new picutres? like girls trying to ‘shrink’ a hot boys dick? or girls doing more urethral play on a hottie boy in his new nikes sneakers tied to the school fence?
    lots of penis abuse and urethrla play is cool

  3. alexlyon2008 says

    I would love to know what happens to him afterwards… Do they let him go or do you think he is a slave forever?

  4. Annabelle Triabelle says

    I think the big questions is what are they going to do with all that spunk when they’ve done?

  5. lildudejim says

    Is all that spunk from the same guy? If so he must have been their captive for quite some time now!!

  6. crawler says

    First, it’s very nice that his sister brings her friends over to have a go at him. I hope he appreciates it.

    Second, alexlyon2008: It’s obvious that he was born to be her slave.

    And Annabelle Triabelle: I think the best thing is to make him drink it all. You don’t want him to run out!

  7. alexlyon2008 says

    What do people think is the story behind this picture – I would love to hear what people think is going on and how it came about – and also what is going to happen next…
    I always wonder how on earth the guy ended up at the mercy of those 4 hot schoolgirls…

  8. lildudejim says

    Well I think it looks pretty clear that the guy is unwilling so I guess that the girls have kidnapped him… 4 of them would have no problem overpowering him… They also seem a little taller than him so maybe they are a bit older too…
    As for why they have kidnapped him… I guess it could be because he did something to really annoy them at school and this is their revenge… Or perhaps they are just sadistic and just kidnapped him for fun….
    As for what happens afterwards… Its clear he gets ass raped by the other 3 girls… I have no idea why they are collecting the spunk though…

  9. Lawrence B Lester III says

    I would love for that to happen to me. I will let four schoolgirls I don’t know do me like that. Of course, they will have to spank me first. I stay hard thinking about it.

  10. Rav says

    No, lobo, it’s every man’s dream come true: four beautiful women fucking your ass hard with huge strapons, while you’re getting milked… Shame is that they haven’t plugged the sperm container directly to your mouth… That way you would never run out and they could keep having a go at you for as long as they wished.

  11. bethie says

    I don’t get what he’s complaining about. Being an object for female entertainment and play is every male’s dream cum true. And if the object is for him to fill the container, then I think they’re doing an admirable job in helping him along. Aren’t they nice?

  12. Roy Olson says

    I’ve loved the stocks since I was 15 years old, this picture adds so much to the fun I could have locked up in there by those hot schoolgirls, milking my balls

  13. derek says

    She Bad found a few of her girlfriends quickly. And one Bad brought her slave AS human milkingmashine. O my god. There Were so greedy

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