1. Savitar says

    Judging by her eyes, I’d say she may have just been caught in the act…

    Not always a fan of your “autosucking” stuff, but I really like this.

    Also, for those who aren’t members over on animeotk, there’s a new Kami artwork over there that hasn’t been post here (yet). Spanking-themed, as that’s the nature of that site.

    Always nice to see new work from you Kami!

  2. Dark Horse says

    Shes so cute and delicious! Love it!!

    Would go nuts if you did a femdom shot with her and an ethnic, exotic domme :-)

  3. Rolsheen says

    I’m very disappointed with this picture, there’s no way such a beauty should have to suck her own dick. I would quite happily do it for her :)

  4. malibu9001 says

    I too would love to see the lead up to this. Maybe something like her hot Mistress forcing her to suck herself off, the revulsion evident in her eyes, knowing she is going to cum and not wanting to, but a look of longing and lust written all over her face.

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