1. Max says

    Great Femdom! You are a real talent!

    Are you going to drow other story? When there’s a story is always better… :)

  2. Bob says

    Love it! Imo Kami is best when doing spanking and maledom. I know it’s a question of taste, but there are so few good spanking artists out there.

  3. Harrad says

    It’s a nice pic, but I gotta wonder: What’s with Kami and this position? He’s drawn it several times, and it seems really uncomfortable.

  4. Big Al says

    Good to see new artworks! 😀 Sorry to hear that people have been stealing your work D:< I guess you could look at it as a backhanded compliment: your work is worth stealing? Anyways, hope you can put an end to it.

    I'm also curious if you take commissions or requests these days. :)

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