1. Big Al says

    Fantastic pic! As always, but I especially love the way you drew the cum and her asshole in this one. Still curious to know if you are taking requests or commissions. :)

  2. Tazma says

    What I Love about this one, is that her pussy drooled all over his balls…and that’s not a cock, that’s a club.

  3. Belmiris says

    Thanks so much for all the amazing artwork over the years! Your tremendous talent is matched by your generosity.

  4. AJ says

    Good question: Why have you stopped drawing Femdom? We’re all waiting breathlessly for the “Peg Race” sequel.

  5. says

    I haven’t stopped drawing femdom, I’m just tired of paysites stealing my femdom art and others taking my art, changing it in Photoshop, and posting it as their own. It’s turned me off the subject matter for a while. Still working on a few commissions (one is femdom), and hoping to post some new stuff off the stacks soon.

  6. Big Al says

    Yeah, that whole thing with people stealing your work really is a downer man. Do you have commission rates posted somewhere, or a place where I can contact you for that? :)

  7. Scott says

    Any updates on when collidescope eyes Part 2 will be released? Part 1 is fantastic! Hope to see more of Milo!

  8. Mel says

    okay, i have a potentially stupid question here. just how big are the guys and futanari in Kami Tora’s artwork?

    Not important, more just morbid curiosity then anything else.

  9. Loon says

    Hello Kami Tora.
    Im watching your site for several years now and I love it.
    But it seems that the things around here moved from femdom/maledom to more futanari way. What is constantly killing my enthusiasm since I see 2 really nice girls playing with eachother then a giant dick between their legs. :/ Or seeing a nice girl playing with a boy, then its turns out thats not a girl :/
    On the otherhand I couldn`t not realize that half of this artwork would work in heterosexual or lesbian way, if I just retouch the cock out of the picture. (Or take down the boobs. ) So I made it for some, (just for my own collection no credit stealing or uploading or such no worries 😉 ).

    My main question is that if its possible to double post some of your future works as futanari and as genual BDSM too. ??? That would be soooo wonderful :)

  10. Big Al says

    Mel: Ridiculously, deliciously big. 10-12 inches seems to be the minimum, though I have seen wonderful pictures where the guy’s cock is as big as his leg. 😀

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